Friday, May 30, 2008

here is some of my new (unfinished) work. i'm really happy with it! it's larger than it has been in a while (about 16" x 16") and it's not contained in a frame for once!

Monday, May 26, 2008

finally attempting to post something (i tried a few days ago and everything got lost before it could go through and since time is always lacking here, well i'm trying again now....). do checkout this great treasury on etsy, it lead me to a lot of great blogs!!

this is a frivolous 'sewing' project for 'maybe' sale on etsy... done before i started panicking about getting enough work done for the upcoming Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition that i will be participating in again this year. it is the largest outdoor art exhibition in north america and well worth participating in and attending! here's the link for anyone who's interested:

i always get my work started late for this show (it is never garanteed that i'll get in from year to year, so i always wait until i have confirmation, which always arrives late) and then i'm in a panic for two months trying to get enough work... well photos of said new work on next post, stay tuned.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

having fun...

so i've been making more papier-mache pieces of late. i love working with papier-mache, i find it so relaxing (when it's turning out the way i want) and i've been incorporating a lot of papier-mache details to my pieces, mainly in the form of domed or ornamental 'roofs'.

a few weeks ago we were doing some grocery shopping in chinatown and one of the store owners gave lili a musical box as a gift. it wasn't very appealing visually (painted to look like a radio with little plastic mice running over it) so of course i ripped it apart (keeping the main shape) and turned it into this....and had a lot of fun doing it! i love making things for lili, it gives me an excuse to not do my work and throw myself into projects i would normally deem to not have the time to do.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a new series....

so i've started on a new series of works that i'm really enjoying. i've continued with the 'sardine saints' theme of imaginary saints but instead of using various fish tins as 'altars' or nichos, i'm using a shadow box frame. because the frame is black, i decided to make the backgrounds black and the embelishments i like using ended up almost looking like lace. i'm really liking the overall effect! i'll post a few images.... i'm going to try selling these in my 'etsy' shop. check out my shop at

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

everything has to start somewhere....

so i'm probably a little behind in the diy terminology (i only just learned about that recently too), but i just read about zakka and what it is.  i now love this word which is a japanese term for anything small that is used everyday , ie. household items, hand bags etc... and the big thing of course is handmade zakka.  now that i know the 'in' term for everything that i've been doing till now, i will not fail to use it as often as possible...
i know this is a strange beginning to a blog, but i had to start somewhere. i intend to post as much of the zakka i make as possible and hope that someone out there will give me some opinions.  it's always more fun to be creative within a 'community' which, when you are a mother and artist working away in your own studio, doesn't happen very often. 
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